IAWG Nairobi

The Inter Agency Working Group on Disaster Preparedness (IAWG) was established following discussions during the OCHA Regional Contingency Planning exercise in June 2002. It was formed to enhance information sharing for humanitarian workers in the larger East and Central African region. Since the beginnings of the IAWG, there has been a growth in participation including members from over sixty international NGOs, the International Federation of the Red Cross and United Nations agencies who are active within the region....Read More


HR in Emergencies Forum

World Vision International-Karen

24 Apr, 2014

Time 2:00 pm - 4.00pm

Quality and Accountabilty Bi-monthly meeting

ADESO Offices

06 May, 2014

Time 9:00-11:00AM

Cash technical Working Group meeting

IFRC-Woodlands Road

09 Apr, 2014

Time 1000 hrs to 12000hrs

Security Monthly Meeting


Date to be announced

Time TBC



Preparedness aims to address barriers to learning and human resource development for humanitarian agencies responding to emergencies in Central and East Africa. Agencies are struggling to recruit, train and retain enough qualified workers to service the growing number of emergencies. These details are provided as a guide. TCBG is not able to endorse any of the events listed. Please contact the taining provider for more information.



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